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The following points summarize part of our  accomplishments in respect  of installation.

•    Main and Auxiliary Engines.
•    Generator Sets.
•    Gearboxes.
•    Propeller shafting systems.
•    Anchor Windlasses.
•    Moorings Winches(horizontal or vertical).
•    Cranes.
•    Steering Gears and Rudders.
•    Bow & Stern thrusters.
•    Catapult systems on ferries and Ro-Ro Ships.
•    Main deck watertight doors for ferries and Ro-Ro Ships.
•    Electrohydraulic and Electric systems .
•    All kind of pumps and compressors.
•    Rollers, Bitts, Chocks.
•    Engine and Machinery foundations.
•    Linear cable engines.
•    Controllable Pitch Propellers.
•    VSP(Voith Schneider Propeller) Propulsion System.

During the installation and latter at the commissioning of the machinery or equipment, Marine Solutions Ltd is using state of the art special tools.

•    Upgraded laser multipurpose Alignment System.
•    Infrared Thermometers.
•    Endoscope.
•    Last released Laser Multipurpose Alignment System.
•    Last released thermal camera.
•    Last released endoscope.
•    Last released stroboscope.
•    Vibration Analyzer.
•    Surface Roughness Tester.
•    Digital Crankshaft Deflection Indicator.
•    Digital Cylinder Liner Analyzer.

Marine Solutions has installed main engines and propulsion systems, as well as all kinds of auxiliary equipment and machinery in more than 100 ships during its sixteen years of operations. Our 50 years’ experience, expertise and ongoing education and training combined with cutting edge technologies guarantees quality in the installation of any machine, ensuring long-living machines and systems.
It is no coincidence than MAN B&W and VOTH SCHNEIDER graduated Marine Solutions with honors, regarding the quality control and installation style and result of main engines , gearboxes and tail shaft systems in new built ferry and  supply vessel respectively.


 Installation of Machinery and EquipmentSee our PDF



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